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Luna Releaseness
09.11. - 16.11. 2024

Let me introduce you our first project called  LUNA RELEASENESS

This is a unique retreat through Yoga and Dancing in Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. During the week we will not just participate in classes but we will also enjoy the desert through different tours with local Bedouins and we will enjoy the magical nature to the fullest.


Our Story

My name is Alena Karlovská and I come from the Czech Republic. I’m currently living in Wadi Rum and I have my own company providing tours in the desert. I changed my life a lot to stay here in the desert but my passion doesn’t change and it’s dancing. I dance all my life and I want to bring a little bit of dancing and artistry into the desert. Wadi Rum desert is so beautiful and inspiring - It’s artist too actually and when we put this art together we can create something special not just around us but also inside of us. 
Thanks to my professional dancing career I have knowledge and contacts in the dancing and yoga business that I can provide for you not just the best teachers and professionals but also people I trust and know well. Svatava (Yoga teacher) is one of them. So we're looking forward to creating a new journey with Luna Releaseness. 

Our Passes

We have two special passes for you so you can choose what fits best for you. 

You can just have full yoga week with …. pass or you can choose combination yoga and dance with …. pass.


Namaste Pass

This pass contains 11 yoga classes + optional yoga class on the last day and of course our tour programme.

Movement Pass

This pass is a combination of yoga and dance classes. Contains 8 yoga classes and 3 dance therapy classes + optional yoga or dance class on the last day and of course our tour programme. 



Yoga Stage

We want to have continuity and a connection all week, so it’s gonna be more of a yoga journey than just classes. We will focus on different body parts and connect them through asanas and breath. We want to bring awareness to our bodies and breathing, so we can consciously use them in life. We will also use different spaces for lessons. We will start with touching all aspects of our bodies. We will bring more awareness to our breath. Then continue to focus more on our core and balance. Then try to ease our edgy states of mind by opening our hips, legs and lower back. Throughout the week we will try to find the right balance between dynamic and stillness. We will also enjoy the sun salutation by the sunrise and meditation techniques by the sunset. 
Classes will be suitable for everybody. Previous yoga experience is not necessary, but will be an asset. 


Svatava Kobzová (CZ)

Dancer, Yogi, Teacher


Svatava has been in motion all her life. She started dancing in 1999 and she hasn’t stopped since then. She dances contemporary, street styles, African dances, oriental etc. She is teaching, mentoring and choreographing. She has been doing shows for Tv, Commercials, Fashion shows, Theaters, Site specifics.

13 Years ago, she came across Yoga and it taught her how to reverse the energy, she has been focusing constantly outwards, inward. Also it helped with body damages she collected, when she was younger. After some time she found Boston Yoga teachers and she did teacher training with them in Prague in 2012, so she got YTT200. After that she went to New York and found Kula Yoga and stayed there for a month to get inspired even more. After that she started to teach yoga in Czech and it is balancing her dancer's life till now. She taught in companies and studios. Also individually, special groups (like dancers, stunts etc.) She also taught abroad in Sri Lanka and Spain. She considers herself a constant student and explorer.

IMG_2820 (1).JPG

Dance Stage

Dancing stage is open for everybody; it doesn’t matter if you’re a dancer or not. I would call it  more DANCE THERAPY than dance class. As I announced we want to have a connection so our dancing sessions will be connected to our yoga sessions because we want to support the final result of well being. We will put more awareness into our body, mind and senses. We will connect our movement with the music and we will be trying to find freedom in our expression. 


Alena Karlovská (CZ)

Artist, Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer

My dancing career started early on as I was dancing since a very young age. In my teen years, I founded my own dance school and started choreographing. I remember I felt hungry for knowledge and education and that has stayed with me. I visited countless workshops in Europe where I learned from the best dancers in the business.
I love to improvise when I can discover my body, my mind and create my own vision of a dance, simply being myself. I try to touch people's hearts and shake their emotions through my choreographies. As a choreographer; I'm a storyteller. I mostly focus on Popping style in battles but I'm a versatile dancer overall and love all genres and styles. 

Certification and awards: Coach of the year 2018 - prod. Czech Olympic Committee,  Winner of internship in Los Angeles - prod. Best Dance Group 2018, Choreographer of the year - winner of internship Broadway Dance Center New York 2017.


Tour Stage

We  also have for you some tours and trips across the desert to get to know more the life of local Bedouins and enjoy Wadi Rum desert to the fullest. We will make a lot of walking tours with our Bedouin guides also with the purpose of our yoga/dancing sessions.

You will enjoy 1 chill night with traditional music and shisha and 1 night of Bedouin traditional music and dances. Then we have three big tours for you, one is Full Day Jeep Tour where you will see the most famous spots of Wadi Rum, then Camel Tour for sunrise where you will make a real sun salutation and last one it will be Half Day White Desert Jeep Tour with overnight under the stars. 


Itinerary 09.11. - 16.11. 2023




  • Limited to 15 spots.

  • 6 days/7 nights event from 09. 11. 2024 to 16. 11. 2024.

  • The pick up and drop off at the airport (Amman, Aqaba), we will organize with you personally by WhatsApp or e-mail. Our contacting WhatsApp number for this event is +420 723 239 154 and email


  • Skill level - beginners, intermediate, advanced.

  • Yoga and dance sessionS will be in English or Czech. 

  • Please bring with you your own YOGA mat, another YOGA equipment we have for you.


  • Glamping tents: we have (single, double) rooms.

  • Equipment inside of tents: bed with a mattress, pillow and blanket (typical Bedouin tents without wardrobe or storage for clothes), socket.

  • Our camp has shared bathroom facilities with wash basins, western toilets and showers. The water is heated by solar. Water is limited in the desert, so we rely on water trucks to bring water to the camp. Water is a very precious resource; please use water mindfully.

  • WI-FI available.


  • We offer traditional middle eastern food (falafel, humus, chicken, rice, fish, eggs, potatoes, eggplants tomatoes), vegetarian meals are also possible, a vegan kitchen is a bit difficult in the desert, but we will try our best.

  • 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner ) + 2 snacks per day + Bedouin tea.

  • Drinking water is available all day.

  • Please bring refillable bottles so you can avoid plastic.


  • What to pack for the desert: comfortable clothing for Yoga/Dance classes and for sightseeing, sun hat or scarf, sunglasses, suncream, comfortable walking shoes or sandals, daypack or small backpack - to carry your personal belongings (camera, water, etc...).

  • For overnight stays; overnight stays can be cold, especially from October to March: warm layers of clothing, sleepwear, headlamp or flashlight, personal toiletries and medication.


  • April and May are spring months. 

  • Spring is an excellent time to visit Wadi Rum. The weather is warm and sunny with a lot of daylight, averaging 8-11 hours of sunshine.

  • In spring, the average daytime temperatures range from 20 - 34 °C, with a 10 degree drop overnight.

  • Wadi Rum has an arid dry climate. 


  • For direct flights to Amman or Aqaba check this link where you can find all direct flights to Jordan from all countries in the world.

Prices Luna Releaseness

Payment Policy:



  • After we receive your reservation and an advanced payment (a reservation requires a deposit of 30% of total amount) we will confirm the reservation. If the payment is not made within 1 week we cannot guarantee your booking reservation.

  • The remaining balance is to be paid 20 days before the start of the retreat. If full payment is not received by the due date, the company reserves the right to cancel the booking and retain the deposit.


  • For Czech participants is bank transfer. (After receiving your reservation we will send you payment instructions to your e-mail.)

  • For interracial payments is transfer by Wise, Revolut or Western Union. (After receiving your reservation we will send you payment instructions to your e-mail.)


  • Any transfer fees will be deducted from your transaction amount.



  • It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation.

  • Naturally, no one books with the intention of canceling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things do happen, so please purchase travel cancellation insurance once you have made your reservation.


Depending on when you cancel, cancellation penalties may apply.
Fees are determined by the following schedule:​

  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

  • If the participant cancels earlier than 20 days and paid all amount, we refund 70% of all amount.

  • If the participant cancels 0 - 20 days prior to the retreat and participant already paid the rest of amount, we refund back 50% of all amount.

Exceptions to our policy cannot be made for any reason. We do not offer credit for a guest arriving late or leaving early.


  • While we have never canceled anything, if Luna Releaseness retreats must cancel a booked retreat date for any reason, you may transfer your full retreat payment to different date of retreat, or you may request a refund of your payment to us, constituting a full settlement.

  • Luna Releaseness retreat is not responsible for your expenses incurred in preparation for any canceled retreat, such as airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs associated with preparing for your trip.



  • To join the retreat the client booking the retreat must have travel insurance.  Please be sure that your insurance policy covers you for all relevant SPORT ACTIVITIES you will be engaging upon on your retreat & TRIP CANCELLATION.

  • Depending on the policy and conditions, travel cancellation insurance will pay for some or all cancellation fees. With most agencies, insurance must be purchased within 14 days of making your reservation.



  • Participants must inform the company of any health conditions or disabilities that may affect their ability to participate in the retreat program.



  • The company will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained by a participant unless caused by the negligence of the company.



  • Participants may transfer their booking or deposit payment to another person, but they must inform our company in writing.



  • The company reserves the right to make changes to the retreat program as necessary.

Choose your pass
Choose your tent
Choose your meals
Yoga level
Dance level

Thank you for submitting the application form, you will hear from us in the next 24 hours.

To book please fill in the booking form below and we will email you payment details.
For general inquiries about the retreats please use the email or WhatsApp number +420 723 239 154.

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